LTP Covid-19 Response and Health Plan

LTP Will follow the Guidelines put Forward by the CDC and the Counties in which our Clubs are Located

If your child has a fever, cough or difficulty breathing or if he/she was exposed to COVID in the past 14 days

or feels sick in any way, please do not have him/her attend any of our events and inform the team.​

Context and Approach

Since March, families have had to face many challenges due to the coronavirus, and unprecedented measures have been taken to protect everyone's health. After so many months, we are beginning to see that we need to learn to live with that situation. Due to the importance of personal encounters for the development of the adolescent, where we are able to reopen our LTP clubs for the Fall semester, we are doing all we can to maintain a safe environment for the participants and complying with government regulations.


Some of our clubs will not reopen yet, and some will reopen with an adapted format. We will follow all the guidelines of the locations where we have LTP clubs.


What about Camp Castleton? For now, it is still too early for us to offer overnight camp activities at the campground. During the summer, we offered the grounds to families to camp out on the 55-acres (lots of space for social distancing). The feedback we received motivates us to offer those opportunities again in the Fall, especially over the Labor Day- and Columbus Day Weekend. We will send you more details soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there still be a snack provided?

Yes, individually wrapped snacks and drinks will be provided, and masks do not need to be worn while eating, though 6' of social distancing must be maintained. Participants may bring their own snacks if they want to.

Will there still be one on one mentoring?

Yes, middle school students will still mentor elementary school students, though without physical contact between them and while wearing a mask.

Will there still be sports?

Yes, LTP will still incorporate physical exercise and games into the program. However, only sports that limit contact between players or limit the sharing of equipment will be played. More details on the Montgomery County Guidelines for Sports here.

Does my child have to wear a mask?

Yes, when indoors, your child has to wear a mask. When outside, masks are not required (except clubs in Washington DC where masks are required indoor and outdoor).

What if someone is diagnosed with or exposed to Covid-19?

The CDC states that individuals who have had “close contact” with someone confirmed positive for COVID-19 are expected to quarantine at home for 14 days. Close contact would be “within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes with someone who is suspected of or confirmed to have COVID-19” or if you had “direct physical contact with them.”


If the LTP staff is notified that a participant or family member has been exposed to someone who tested positive or has tested positive themselves, LTP will follow the CDC guidelines, notifying the families of the club; and LTP will be conducted virtually for 2 weeks.

Will the staff provide hand sanitizer?

Yes, the LTP staff will provide hand sanitizer during the club meeting, and participants will also be encouraged to wash their hands regularly.

Disclaimer: These measures are subject to change as county or school guidelines change.