Fr. Andrew Gronotte, LC

 Boy's ECyD & LTP Director 

 Fr. Andrew Gronotte, born and raised in northern Kentucky, entered the Legionary apostolic school in eighth grade in 1998, where he began his formation for the priesthood in the Legion.  He concluded his studies of Philosophy and Theology in 2016 in Rome.  He was ordained in December, 2016, and is currently serving as Director of Youth Ministries for the Regnum Christi Washington, D.C. Locality.

Amelia Hoover, CRC

Girl's ECyD & LTP Director 

Amelia Hoover is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She joined a discernment program in high school with the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi.  Amelia was consecrated in 2010, studied her Bachelors in Religious and Pastoral Studies, and then received her assignment to Washington D.C. Amelia currently serves as the Girl’s ECyD           Youth Director

Fr. Mariano Ballestrem, LC

Assistant Director

Fr. Mariano was born in Bonn, Germany. He was a member of ECYD and later Regnum Christi, before he joined the Legionaries of Christ in 2006 at the age of 19. After two years of Novitiate studies in Germany, he went on to study Humanities in Salamanca, Spain. Later he studied Philosophy and Theology in Rome, Italy and was ordained a deacon in Cologne, Germany in April 2018. He was ordained a priest in May 2019. He is now stationed in Washington, DC where he will be working in the Youth Ministry and serves at the same time as Assistant National Director of the Regnum Christi Mission Corps Program.


Helen Yalbir, CRC

Assistant Director 

 Helen Yalbir is originally from Saskatoon, Canada where she earned her English degree from the University of Saskatchewan. She consecrated her life to Jesus in the Regnum Christi Movement in 2006 and took the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. She spent the first 4 years of her consecrated life acquiring her second degree from Rhode Island Mater Ecclesiae College in religious and pastoral studies with a minor in philosophy and specialty in communications. 

Today, she focuses on youth work primarily in the diocese of Arlington. She has also spent the last 5 years serving on the national formation team for the Regnum Christi Mission Corps Program

Br. Gregory Metz, LC

Assistant ECYD Director

My name is Br. Gregory Metz, and I am from Cumming, Georgia. I have seven brothers and three sisters, and all of us went to a Legionary school named Pinecrest Academy. I have always loved sports, outdoors, and anything competitive. I’m coming from studying Humanities in our seminary in Cheshire, Connecticut, where there are about ninety other brothers training for the priesthood. I miss the brothers I left, but it is such a joy to come to DC and be a part of the lives of so many beautiful families. I look forward to these next few years!


Katie Ferner, RCMC

I was born in Calgary, Alberta and am the 3rd of 4 kids in a beautiful deep Catholic family. Growing up I went to a legionary school till grade 3 switching to homeschooling and ending with grade 12 at Saint John’s Choir Schola. My hobbies include reading, games, music, hiking, napping and karate. I love to go to retreats and camps to strengthen and grow in my faith and love for Christ as well as bring others closer to Him. 
I have been involved in my community and church for as long as I can remember with altar serving and lecturing, helping out with different camps like Captivenia and Arcathoes! I can't wait to work with everyone and to grow closer to Christ!

Jonnathan Snaider, RCMC

I am Jonnathan Snaider, I am 19 and from Houston Texas. and I graduated from Frassati Catholic High School. I love being with friends, going to the beach, photography, paying tennis and listening to music, along with being a social media influencer for 20+ companies and organizations. I also helped start my own non profit organization called Live It Out. I helped run my local youth group by staffing retreats and giving talks. I was apart of Houston's Archdiocesan Youth Council, where we put together a conference for more than 3,000 teens. I have been apart of RC activities my whole life through conquest, mission and more! I love volunteering and hope this year is full of new adventure and experiences. 


Kristen Haskins, RCMC

Hi! My name is Kristen Haskins. I am 18 years old and have one younger sister, but my family has hosted many foster children. I am from New Orleans, Louisiana, but moved to Houston, Texas when I was 4 years old. I found out about ECyD towards the end of my freshman year of high school and by my sophomore year I was a challenge teen leader and participated in an ECyD Missionary Summer in Washington DC. At the end of my senior year I decided to join Regnum Christi. On top of participating in programs through Regnum Christi, I have also helped run my local church’s EDGE program. I was on a team with other high school teens who prepared the opening talks and aided in the classrooms. I chose to give my year so that I may continue to grow in my relationship with Christ and to spread the love that I have received from Christ. I am so excited to be back in Washington DC to give my missionary year.

Xavier Villerreal, RCMC

I was born in Costa Rica but have moved around to 9 different cities in 7 different countries. I went to high school in Dallas, so go Cowboys! In my school I was Vice-President of Student Council and our chapter of the National Honor Society, captain of our varsity soccer team since my sophomore year, was casted on two musicals and two plays, helped organize Conquest activities, camps, and retreats, as well as Holy Week missions with ECyD. I am a self taught guitarist and love to sing, or as my sister likes to call it "imitate a goat giving birth". I am really excited to work here in DC, grow closer to Christ and hopefully be a positive impact in y'all's community.



Maria Kloiber, RCMC

I am Maria Kloiber and am from Lenggries, Germany. I am the second oldest of five kids and just graduated High School. During my Middle and High School years I was very involved in ECyD because I love the way it combines adventure and faith. I ran a challenge team in our village, helped run retreats, and gave three of my summers as an ECyD missionary. This year I look forward to giving back a little bit of the big gift I received through ECyD and spread the joy Jesus gives me.

David Boudreaux, RCMC 

I was born and raised in North Georgia with four brothers and one sister. I jumped around from private to public schools in the area and attended college to replace my senior year of high school before I graduated in May 2019. Living in North Georgia, I came to love the outdoors and hiking in the Appalachian Mountains. I decided to become a missionary to give back from all that I received from the Conquest, ECyD, and RC clubs and communities that I grew up in. I am excited to serve here in DC and can't wait to see where this missionary year takes me! 



Melanie Lara, RCMC

Having been born and raised in Manila, Philippines, being Catholic was more of a cultural and traditional practice. Through RC, I was able to discover my faith in a new and exciting way through the various apostolates I have joined that ultimately led to the deepening of my relationship with the Lord. I do not remember the exact moment I felt called to be a RC missionary but it has been a desire in my heart for atleast 6 years. Now, at 23 years old and having graduated college, I knew it was now or never. Life would just keep getting in the way. So here I am and it is such a gift to be able to have this year of dedicating myself, away from all the comforts that weigh me down, fully trusting in His plan.


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