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1. Who are we? 

Legionaries of Christ 
The Legion of Christ is a Roman Catholic religious congregation of priests and men studying for
the priesthood. A priest is a man chosen by God to participate in a special way in Jesus Christ’s eternal
priesthood. He receives the power to turn bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus
Christ, and to forgive sins in God’s name.By their religious profession, Legionaries commit themselves to imitate and follow Christ in poverty, chastity and obedience. They dedicate themselves totally to God, who is their supreme
love, and for love of him they are fully available to serve wherever and however God asks of
them through obedience.With the help of God’s grace, we aspire to make Jesus Christ the center, standard and example of our religious, priestly and apostolic lives. Extending Christ’s Kingdom is the ideal that inspires
and nourishes our spiritual and apostolic efforts.
Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi
The Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi are lay women consecrated to God, who respond to His
invitation of love through private vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. We dedicate ourselves to the
work of evangelization, serving in various missions according to the Regnum Christi charism. We live
fraternal life in international communities.

Regnum Christi Missionaries
The Regnum Christi Missionaries are Regnum Christi's 1-2yr volunteer program for men and
women ages 18-25 who desire to serve Christ and His Church through meaningful and
intentional mission work. Our Program is a one or two year commitment that helps young men
and women grow in their faith while serving parishes, schools, youth groups, and families
throughout the country. 
2. Why do we do LTP?

Amidst a very driven and competitive environment, LTP, channels striving for excellence in a very
meaningful way. It gives them experiences of making an impact on the lives of others – whether it be
the mentors impacting the Jrs through their leadership or those that the LTP kids serve through their
service projects. It allows them to form their identity as young men and women who seek to better the
world around them and feel empowered to do so.


3. What is the draw for the kids?

They receive a donut every session. The kids play games and have engaging activities. It is peer led and
the sessions are relevant and attractive for the kids.

4. What is a typical schedule at LTP?
3:30 arrive and sports/games
4:00 Snack
4:15 introduction talk
4:25 preparation for public speaking activity
4:45 presentations
4:55 wrap up
5:00 dismissal

3:30 Arrive, Sports, Snack
4:00 Leadership activity, Virtue talk and one-on- one mentoring
4:30 Public speaking or team activity
4:50 Wrap-up
5:00 Dismissal
5. What schools are represented in LTP?

Our Lady of Mercy - The Heights - Mater Dei - Blessed Sacrament - The Woods - Pyle - St Luke’s - Holy Child - Cooper Middle - Langley High - Holy Redeemer - St. Bartholomew’s - Holy Trinity - St Raphael - Avalon - Holy Redeemer - Wootton - Georgetown Prep - St John’s college Prep - Gonzaga

6. What are the age groups and how are they grouped?

Boys and girls are separate for the sessions, but generally in the same location.

Boys 1 st -4 th grade are considered the mentees.
Boys 5 th -8 th grade are considered the mentors.
They are divided into teams of 3-4 members, and the mentors teach the mentees the virtue of the
semester through a story and helping them prepare for the public speaking presentation.
Girls 1-5 th grade are considered the mentees
Girls 6-8 th grade are considered the mentors
They are divided into teams and the mentors lead the mentees through dynamic activities that transmit
the virtues the lesson is built around in an experiential way.

7. What is the role of the mentors and how much interaction do the kids get with the mentors?

The Mentors have sessions before the mentee sessions begin to give them attention and leadership
training. During the ordinary sessions, the mentors have their sports separate at the beginning and then
are directly involved with the juniors. During one of the sessions with just the mentors we organize a
service project during the time of LTP.
The mentors have sessions where they receive leadership training before Jr. LTP starts. They are guided
through the theme of the year, first of all, speaking to how it is relevant to them in their lives. The goal is
to form mentors who embody in their own lives what they are transmitting to their peers so as to form
young women of integrity and coherent character. The mentors help lead the Jr. meetings through
opportunities of public speaking – performing skits, leading small group discussions, giving brief talks
related to the theme of the year.

8. Who works with who?

Legionaries of Christ
Fr. Vito Crincoli, Boy’s LTP Director
Fr. Vinh Pham



Consecrated Women
Racine Silva, Girl’s LTP Director

Regnum Christi Missionaries

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