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"As the LTP board, we are dedicated to support and grow the LTP program around the DC, Maryland, Virginia area."

Ann Alicea
Alina Baum
Biz Blee
Glorybell  Daboub
Margie Davin
Angela Draley
Nuni Fairbanks
Melissa Freymann
Sarah Grabarz
Mary Harper
Bev Hoernig
Pamela Zama
Francine Krivka
Kathy Lising
Melissa Overmyer
Jennifer Patterson
Isabel Gonzalez Luna
Marianna Ibarguren
JoAnn Watson
Danielle Sant
Cindy Zelaya
Andres Dulcey
Christina Marmor 
Karen Graham

This community works together and individually to support and represent the different LTP programs in the area. They coordinate and organize outreach opportunities, help coordinate snacks, coordinate and communicate about formation opportunities for families, and offer support to market each program. The LTP board works to keep LTP a relevant program to help meet the needs of our young leaders in training.

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