6351 Campground Ln, Castleton, VA

Summer Camp:

Jul 9-14, 2020


Spring Castleton


(High School only) March 14-15

March 28-29, 2020


Boys from 2nd-12th Grade


All Dads are Welcome!

Dads must come if their son is 9 years or younger 

What is Camp Castleton?

Camp Castleton originally was property of a man named Mr. William Carrigan. While Mr. Carrigan was still living, Br. Michael Sliney, LC began running camps for boys on the 54 acre property regularly. In the mid 1990’s the property was given to the Legion after his passing. Thousands of boys have camped out on that property: some have discovered their priestly calling there, many relationships between dad’s and their sons were fostered and improved, and hundreds of confessions were heard and masses celebrated. Castleton has become a place both of retreat and blessings for the entire Regnum Christi Family.


Over the years the property has developed. At first the boys would camp out with their own tents, then a huge geodesic dome was put in with a parachute on top, but that began to leak and was dangerous during lightning storms.  Finally, we laid down a slab of cement and put an Army tent over the top, and Tony Chmelik helped build a roof and dorm area with space for 37 boys to sleep. Recently we just added bathrooms and showers next to the dorm, and the consecrated women of Regnum Christi are now bringing girls to the camp.


Castleton has also been gifted with many Eagle scout projects: Br Ryan Carlin, LC put in a stations of the cross path, Steven Block made a grotto of Mary, other boys had put in the entrance sign, and cleaned out the graveyard with tombstones from the 19th century. In the near future, we hope to put in a multipurpose building for use in unpleasant weather.


In short, Castleton is a special place for boys and girls to step away from the craziness and pressures of the DC area and take time to pray, play and grow in virtue.

Next Year Again!

Family Castleton Weekend

Join us with your Family at our Campsite in Castleton!  

Talks, Sports and Activities for all ages and of course bonding experiences for the whole Family!


Fr. Andrew Gronotte, LC

(301) 674-6921

Fr. Mariano Ballestrem, LC
(240) 810-3429
Amelia Hoover
(240) 599 – 6181
Helen Yalbir
(248) 860 – 4369