The Leadership Training Program

The Leadership Training Program

is an ECYD powered program for elementary through high school, that specializes in teaching boys and girls to live virtuously while being a leader in the world. The LTP Director for the boys is Father Andrew Gronotte LC. The LTP Director for the girls is Amelia Hoover.  Regnum Christi Missionaries, year-long volunteers, assist in running the program.

The pillars of the Leadership Training Program are spirituality, community, and mission.  Each grade school group does one large community service project each semester such as visiting a nursing home or orphanage, feeding the homeless, or cleaning up a community center.

Our Mission

The mission of the Leadership Training Program is to inspire, guide, and form youth to become strong leaders through the example of Jesus Christ.

The Program

The Leadership Training Program is designed to equip youth with the tools to integrate leadership skills with a Christian worldview in order to make a positive impact on society.  

Definition of Leadership 

A leader is an individual who seeks to imitate Christ’s example through dedication and service, inspiring others to make a positive impact.

The LTP Club is just one Of ECyD's many programs! ECYD is an international Catholic association of 

adolescents who make a pledge of friendship with Christ and with each other to build up a new world according to the Gospel.

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Fr. Andrew Gronotte, LC

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Fr. Mariano Ballestrem, LC
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Amelia Hoover
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Helen Yalbir
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